Saiman Chow’s psychedelic Rick and Morty idents for Adult Swim

Category : animation, featured, video
Date : May 1, 2017

Saiman Chow is a Hong Kong-born animator working in New York and was commissioned by Adult Swim to create these bizarre and psychedelic idents to coincide with the release of the new season of Rick and Morty.

Speaking to It’s Nice That, Saiman explained the surreal and colourful animations:

“I decided my approach would have a little or nothing to do with the show besides referencing the main characters and the general sci-fi theme. Setting up these parameters helped me to find solutions that might not be expected and ultimately allow me to insert my own voice,” Saiman says. “In addition, I wanted each ID to be unique and a standalone as well as all five being able to work well together and form a loose narrative.”

via It’s Nice That