Party like it’s 1982 with Raquel Meyers’ C64 livetype visuals

Category : art, mograph, video
Date : March 5, 2017


Raquel Meyers creates awesome animated visuals using Live Type on a Commodore 64. Her work references a rich history of text and ANSI art, but stands on it’s own with her blend of narrative and aesthetic. Her technique, dubbed “KYBDslöjd” (drawing by typing) is a “brutalist storytelling about technology and keystrokes using Commodore 64 computer, Teletext System, mosaic, typewriters and embroidery”

 raquel meyers

Raquel says of her work:

“We live in a time where hardware and software become obsolete even before we have learned how to use them. These technologies are not souvenirs from the past. They are hard-won knowledge. They are a reminder, not for nostalgia, but for our impossibility of complete learning before they disappear into the consumerist void.”


See more at her Vimeo channel and website