Party in the Back: an exploration of LA’s abandoned pools and the people who skate them

Date : March 2, 2017

Dazed interviews skater and photographer Tino Razo in this exploration of skater culture and urban decay. Tino has published a photo book chronicling his misadventures through these forgotten relics of the American dream.

Tino recounts the time some friends and he skated a pool in a derelict mansion once owned by Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli:

So this pool wasn’t great, but me, Buddy and Ricky later found out that it belonged to Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli. It was this epic house, on Beverly Hills right off Sunset Boulevard and we ran through this alley and there was so much fucking land, the house was fucking nuts! We went inside the house – and if you do that then you have to skate the pool, but it was the house that had a real impact on me this time. There’s a picture in the book from inside the house, the one of the three TVs stacked up on top of each other. I shot it and gave it to my brother for Christmas because it reminded me of what my parents’ house looked like. See, you get this feeling of nostalgia from skating too. You think about the families who once taught their kids how to swim in those pools – and of your own family too.

Read the interview over at Dazed, or buy the book