Michael Kagan’s contemporary aerospace paintings

Category : art, painting
Date : March 15, 2017

Michael Kagan 7

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Michael Kagan
is a painter who creates amazing impasto oil canvases with a focus on aerospace, with abstract depictions of iconic scenes from the Apollo missions, portraits of astronauts, and the vehicles that transport them thundering into the heavens.

The painting is finished when it can fall apart and come back together depending on how it is read and the closeness to the work,” said Kagan about his work. “Each painting is an image, a snapshot, a flash moment, a quick read that is locked into memory by the iconic silhouettes.”

Kagan, who’s work focuses on the unnatural power and engineering of space missions has also been commissioned by the Smithsonian museum to create 3 large canvases for their archives.

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You can see more of Kagan’s work and purchase prints on his website, or follow his Instagram.