Catherine Hyland explores the barren, alien terrains of China and Mongolia

Category : art, featured, photography
Date : March 13, 2017

Photographer Catherine Hyland‘s series ‘Universal Experience‘ explores the barren and desolate landscapes of China and Mongolia, showing grand painterly deserts and mountains, and towering monuments.

Shot on large-format film, the shots contrast the man-made tourist structures with the natural features and barren features:

“The aim is to shine a light on both the strange and sublime nature of these spaces,” Catherine says. “Giant Buddhas that exist in small desolate villages in rural China, and expansive mountainscapes with barely any visitors. Whether it’s sites of historical importance or natural splendour each is approached with a heightened awareness of its significance as a place of beauty and grandeur. Landscape is seen primarily as a cultural construct and only secondarily as a natural phenomenon.”

Catherine Hyland 4

Catherine Hyland 3

Catherine Hyland 1


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