The video store that only stocks Jerry Maguire

Category : humour, installation
Date : February 18, 2017

Super Deluxe has short look at the The Jerry Maguire Video Store, an installation set up as a video rental store filled with nothing but 14,000 copies of the 1996 Tom Cruise film. Created by video collective Everything is Terrible, the origins of the store dates back to 2009 when collecting began.



In an interview with Vice in 2014, creators Dimitri Simakis and Nic Maier said of the Maguirepalooza:

Jerry Maguire is a movie version of a piece of white paper, and yet every thrift shop, every flea market, and every fledgling video store has a disturbing amount of Jerry Maguire tapes. They’re like these perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes that you see from a mile away, and you can’t but notice a pattern. Like a jerk, I started placing them next to each other and taking photos, thinking, Oh, this’ll be cute! We’ll ask fans to post their own Jerry sightings and call it ‘Maguirewatch! But when we premiered our first movie at the Cinefamily, we really wanted to put on a show. We went to Amoeba, bought a hundred Jerrys and unveiled them onstage like “Eh? A hundred Jerry Maguire tapes looks pretty cool, right?” Cut to seven years later and our count is currently 7,489 Jerrys. At this point, I can’t fucking believe this is still happening. It’s gone from sort-of funny, to not as funny—to not even a little funny—to these tapes will be the death of us.

Stare into Jerry, and Jerry will stare back at you.