Reuben Wu creates dramatic nightscapes with drones and LEDs

Category : art, featured, photography
Date : February 9, 2017

Photographer Reuben Wu created these incredible landscape photographs by attaching powerful LED lights to a drone and using them to light scenes in creative and dramatic ways. In an interview with PetaPixel, he says:

“Each image is a carefully-planned scene consisting of multiple lighting positions, layered to produce an almost theatrically-lit composition,” Wu tells PetaPixel. “Using the GPS-enabled aerial light/drone in specific positions in space, I am able to produce moods of drama and tension through use of chiaroscuro, and the ability to illuminate isolated features of a scene and exclude unwanted elements.”

More of Reuben’s work can be found on his Instagram, where he captures incredible shots of vivid and otherworldly landscapes.

via Colossal