The Camden Bench: a masterpiece of antisocial design

Category : design
Date : February 9, 2017
The Camden Bench: a masterpiece of antisocial design

Frank Swain writes an interesting article on the Camden Bench, which is a piece of street furniture designed to suppress certain “undesirable” behaviors:

This pale, amorphous lump of sculpted concrete is designed to resist almost everything in a city that it might come into contact with. Named for the London authority that commissioned it, the Camden Bench has a special coating which makes it impervious to graffiti and vandalism. The squat, featureless surface gives drug dealers nowhere to hide their secret caches. The angled sides repel skateboarders and flyposters, litter and rain. The cambered top throws off rough sleepers. In fact, it is specially crafted to make sure that it is not used as anything except a bench. This makes it a strange artifact, defined far more by what it is not than what it is. The Camden Bench is a concerted effort to create a non-object.

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